Our company has been in existence since 1970 as a joint stock company and is specialized in the manufacture of suppressor chokes, wound products and subassemblies. In the year 1999 a new factory was also provided over 1,500 m2 groove surface. In the year 2001 the assumption of an industrial agency took place.

Suppressor chokes
In this manufacturing field, batch sizes of up to 5 million pieces are produced. Because of our flexible manufacturing procedures, however, we can also produce small batch quantities per model.


Wound products
A substantial part of our wound products are sensor coils, which can be supplied in any version required. Materials such as back-varnished wires of 0,010 to 2,0 mm as well HF stranded wires of 5x0,04 up to 160x0,07 with silk covering are continually processed.


Among these are printed circuit boards and complete system components, such as, for example: Coils in circuits on printed circuit boards -Complete sensor elements -Printed boards with components installed.


As a manufacturer, we are very conscious of our responsibility as a supplier of electrical components and sub-assemblies. This responsibility has been – and is taken into account by the introduction of a quality management system in accordance with SN EN ISO 9001 and with the implementation of the total quality management philosophy.


Production Switzerland
In Switzerland we manufacture all products fully automatic. Specialities and special productions are likewise produced in Switzerland.


Production in Tunisia
By the transfer of a part of the production to Tunisia, in year 1996, we are in a position to produce large production batches optimally. The employees in that country are continually trained and work according to the same K+F quality standards. In 2018, a separate company was founded, K+F Tunisie SARL. The business premises are located in MSAKEN/SOUSSE, MSAKEN is an industrial location in Tunisia.